In this current economic market, keeping clients is more challenging than ever.  By offering you a new and exciting idea for your old jewelry can really make a difference and set you apart from the crowd.

Sitting inventory is no good for anyone, but using our “LASER PIERCING” process you can add a cost effective new life to your current inventory.

Call us today at 818-784-8891, so we can show you how to bring this elegant, beautiful, and cost effective service to your clients and inventory.

Check out our new Laser Pierced Diamond Idea Book for seeing how you can utilize your stones our us supplying you with finished products.

Perhaps you have diamonds you want to use to create your unique one-of-a-kind jewelry?



Our Process

1. First we laser drill the diamond.

2. Then we prepare the diamond.

3. We use a platinum wire.


Our Process

4. We laser solder it.

5. We polish and rhodium the whole piece.

6. It takes 4 to 7 minutes to prepare.